The manufacturer of miniatures AUTOart sometimes takes several years to develop certain models before marketing them. The reason is simple: these high-end scale models are full of details and openings. Everything must be perfect! Here is a small overview of the models that have been confirmed for arrival in early 2021. Hang in there, it’s heavy!

The list of models, photos of prototypes or illustrative images, the choice of colors and configuration as well as the date of availability are given here as an indication. This information can be modified by AUTOart at any time. Last updated: 16/10/2020

Lamborghini Urus (1st quarter 2021)

Lamborghini’s SUV finally arrives at AUTOart in early 2021, in five different colors:

  • 79161 – White (Bianco Icaris) – prototype picture
  • 79162 – Blue (Blu Eleos)
  • 79163 – Yellow (Giallo Auge)
  • 79164 – Silver (Grigio Lynx)
  • 79165 – Black (Nero Noctis)

Dodge Challenger Demon SRT (1st quarter 2021)

The next logical step: after the Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody at the end of 2020, it’s time for the Demon SRTs!

  • 71746 – Knuckle White – prototype picture
  • 71747 – B5 Blue
  • 71748 – Destroyer Grey
  • 71749 – Tor Red

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 C7R

We stay in America! While all eyes are on the new generation of the Corvette, AUTOart does not forget the previous generation with this superb C7 Z06, offered in three versions:

  • 71257 – Black (C7R Edition)
  • 71258 – Blade Silver
  • 71259 – Daytona Sunrise Orange

Koenigsegg Agera RS (1st quarter 2021)

We move to another range with this hypercar from Sweden. While waiting for the Gemera, here are three new versions of the Koenigsegg Agera RS (white version already available on Modelkars):

  • 79022 – Chili Red with carbon and black accents
  • 79023 – Cone Orange with carbon and black accents
  • 79024 – Moon Silver with carbon and orange accents

Ford Shelby GT-350R (1st quarter 2021)

We’re going back to America, with two new versions of the Mustang Shelby GT350R. A sure bet.

  • 72929 – Orange Fury
  • 72930 – Lead Foot Grey with black stripes

Ne manquez pas les nouveautés. Abonnez-vous !

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