Step 1
Deposit payment
About 10% + shipping costs
Your pre-order is saved ✔
Your model is booked ✔
Step 2
Balance payment
A few days before arrival in stock
You receive a secure payment link 🔒
Your model is shipped as soon as it is available 😎

What is partial payment ?

This free option allows you to pre-order a model without having to pay full price.

Example for a 100€ model: you pay 10€ today, there will remain 90 € to pay.

It applies independently for each product: you can therefore choose to pay for one model in full and another partially, in a single order. This option is not available for models in stock (or whose arrival in stock is imminent).

Is payment of the remaining balance automatic?

Nope. The remaining balance of your order will never be taken automatically. Modelkars also does not store any of your bank data.

When and how can I pay the balance of my order?

Invoicing for the remaining balance will be emailed to you a few days before your model arrives in stock. A secure link allows you to pay the remaining amount, using the payment method of your choice.

I want to pay the balance in advance. Is it possible ?

Of course ! All you need to do is request it by e-mail so that the invoice for the balance is sent to you in advance.

Request balance invoice

I have to pay more than the deposit, is this normal?

The total amount of shipping costs must be paid at the same time as the deposit. Example: for 10€ deposit and 12€ shipping, you will have to pay 22€.

This is necessary to ensure the smooth running of pre-orders (especially when there are several products in the order).

Can I get the deposit refunded?

The payment of a deposit commits you to settle the total amount of your purchase. In case of cancellation of an unpaid order, the amount of the deposit cannot be refunded to you (except any shipping costs, of course).

However, each situation being specific, exceptions may apply. Do not hesitate to contact us.

If this page has not answered your questions and you need more information on deposit orders, we’re here to help: